Essere Yoga

Essere-Yoga is much more than simple exercises, and it’s not a philosophy, It’s a logical set of techniques that allows you to restore both physical and psychological disturbances. It’s a practice that promotes healing allowing your body to function according to nature’s design.

In Essere Yoga we believe that everybody is born with the necessary tools to achieve inner peace and happiness, we would just like to show you how to use them better. In our centers we teach all types of yoga techniques to suit your needs so you can feel good about yourself

After twenty years of studies, practices and collaborations all over the world, we have created ESSERE Yoga with the following agenda:

 -  Therapeutic personalized massage

This massage combines: Yoga therapy, craniosacral, Thai yoga and meditation; together with muscular and bone alignment, chakra therapy and tension release. Our goal is to make you aware of the strong connection between body and mind.


 - Therapeutic program retreat

Join us in Costa del Sol, Spain to recover your psycho-physical balance. Each program is individually design according to personal needs.

- Educational programs divided in to two categories, all based on Yoga:

  Personal and professional growth

Personal Education programs – Yoga is adapted to any age group from 0 to 90 years old, which includes: prenatal yoga, children and teens yoga, couple’s yoga and multi-style yoga,

Professional programs - designed to create well qualified instructors to teach Essere yoga to children and teenagers and future Essere personalized massage practitioners.

We also have an Online shop specializing in yoga and alternative therapy products.

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